We JSTA believe security token or digital securities should be an innovation which would have a great impact on the financial market, and at the same time a practical use case of blockchain technology.

Because of a number of scams using ICO, credibility of financial products using tokenization technology has been damaged.

Tokenization approach is still unmatured. In order to drive established financial institutions to be involved in fundraising with tokenization, security token, designed to comply with legal / regulatory frameworks systematically, could do work from perspectives of safety, cost-effectiveness, speed, and transparency.

JSTA would like to play a role in business implementation of security token to the financial and industrial market in Japan.

We welcome to our community any players who have both of a strong passion to make innovation happened and a strict discipline to make it in manners compliant with the Japanese regulation and jurisdiction.

Tomoyuki Namiki, Chairman & Go Masuda, Chairman