Sep.2019 Event

JSTA held its first members meeting on September 27.

JSTA held a law seminar on security tokens on September 30.

Aug.2019 Event

Lectures by each company 28.Aug


PwC Business assurance


Panel discussion 21.Aug

TMI Associates


FinTech Global

We yesterday had a panel discussion event with focus on security token applying to real estate securitization, at
Thanks to the great panelists: Haruo Narimoto from TMI, Mitsuhiro Sonobe from Deloitte, and Naoko Yoshioka from FGI.

Our Mission

JSTA was founded for securing high quality of security token scheme and business ecosystem, in research, investigation and enlightenment activities on security token from technological, systematic and business perspectives. At the same time, JSTA commits to fairness and freedom of economic activities and stability of civil welfare, and furthermore growth of the Japanese society.


  • February, 2020 (planned)
    • ST Technology Study Session
  • January 2020 (planned)
    • ST Basic Study Session # 3
  • December, 2019
    • ST Basic Study Session # 2
    • General Assembly # 3
  • November, 2019
    • Tokeny Meetup
    • General Assembly # 2
    • ST seminar (Osaka venue)
  • October, 2019
    • Securitize Meetup # 2
    • ST Basic Study Session # 1
  • September, 2019
    • General Assembly # 1
    • Legal points study session
    • Attendance at events organized by various organizations (FIN / SUM2019)
    • FSA discussion # 2
  • August, 2019
    • Panel discussion on real estate securitization
    • Each company pitch by STO experts
    • ST awareness survey questionnaire
    • FSA discussion # 1
  • July, 2019
    • Four study sessions
    • Speakers at various group events (Fintech Association, PropTech Japan)
  • June, 2019
    • Production start of this website
    • Member recruitment reception
    • Slack operation started
    • Established page for regular members and supporting members
    • Partner with Securitize
  • May 2019
    • JSTA established


July.2019 Event

Event Sponsored by Proptech Japan July 18

Lecturer  Tomoyuki Namiki, Co-Chairman/Founder

Event Sponsored by Fintech Association of Japan July 17

Lecturer  Tomoyuki Namiki, Co-Chairman/Founder
Lecturer  Tomoyuki Namiki, Co-Chairman/Founder

Study session Vol4 July 24

Lecturer  Shien Nakayama
Lecturer  Shien Nakayama

Study session Vol3 July 17

Lecturer  Haruo Narimoto, Director  Partner Lawyer of TMI Associates
Lecturer  Haruo Narimoto, Director  Partner Lawyer of TMI Associates

Study session Vol2 July 10

Lecturer  Go Masuda, Co-Chairman

Study session Vol1 July 3,4

As the study session on July 3 was full, we added a schedule.
The contents of the study session were an overview of security tokens

Lecturer  Tomoyuki Namiki, Co-Chairman/Founder